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With individually designed consulting services I help shape successful organisational change. On this page you will learn more about me and my services.
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Mariola Wittek ​Mourão

Why Change Management?

Change, transformation, evolution ... call it as you like. Picture the following situation: Behavior patterns and processes held dear are suddenly no longer in demand, and many experienced employees, many skilled executives must re-learn everything. Again. Some appreciate this, others do not. The reactions to change are as diverse as the people behind those reactions. This can be expected at an individual level, yet at the same time it poses considerable challenges and uncertainties at a team and company level. Ultimately, once resistance surfaces and productivity drops, the need for professional change management becomes evident.


I am a change management consultant with expertise in guiding the implementation of large-scale change initiatives from the strategic formulation of objectives to the successful implementation of the change. Throughout the entire project I will support you by, among other things:

  • performing organisational diagnostics
  • developing an agile change architecture
  • shaping the change process
  • facilitating group dynamics
  • enabling and supporting change agent teams
  • coaching decision-makers.
The foundation of my work is a deep understanding of our nature as social beings and an inherent trust in the power of human agency.


Change Architecture

In complex and disruptive contexts, classical change management methodologies reach their limits. What works, is developing agile change architectures together with the customer system (for example with approaches such as SCRUM or design thinking) and creating spaces in which employees can contribute and take responsibility (for example with change agent programs).

Leadership and Change Agent Coaching

In agile companies, employees increasingly occupy the former territories of their managers. Executives must learn to relent power and employees must learn to make use of their freedom responsibly. In order for this to work, all stakeholders need support while growing into their new roles and interacting on the same level.


You’ve heard of innovative and successful pioneers who break known patterns and function without hierarchies? At the same time, you ask yourself whether and how you can embark on the journey to becoming a „next stage organisation“? Together with my network I provide spaces for meaningful dialogue in which you can connect with others that are already on that journey. Thus, you can learn from their experiences and gain courage or impulses for your own journey.


Whether it’s cultural change, a merger or acquisition, a changed business model, restructuring of your organisation, a new process or IT system or a mixture of all of these – in my work, I not only apply traditional change methodologies but also elements of novel approaches, such as bottom-up and viral change. The positive side-effect of such an approach: Many decision-makers in traditional organisations are hesitant when it comes to changing to an agile and therefore non-hierarchical organisation. In such a situation the way in which change projects are implemented can be a key factor. Through the conscious use of non-hierarchical approaches, the company learns with each change initiative to let change happen naturally, to promote innovation and to give it room for growth.
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The key questions are, therefore, how much agility can your company cope with and what is the most suitable approach for you and your organisation?

Your Benefit

Ultimately, my work is about providing an efficient and effective change approach, which not only takes into account the economic success of a company, but focuses on the people in and around it – with all their relationships, potentials, habits, problems, expectations. The key to this focus is a clear vision of your organisation as an attractive employer and agile innovator that empowers its employees to tap into their potential and to pursue their work enthusiastically..

Network and Partners

In the endeavor to deliver the best results, I work with trusted and experienced partners. In my quest to help shape tomorrow's working world, I actively participate in various communities of practice, networks and research facilities. In this way, I can provide a wide range of skills, experience and capacities.


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Mariola Wittek Mourão

Experience and Qualifications

  • Since 2014: freelance change consultant a.k.a. change midwife
  • Years of experience as a change specialist, change architect, project manager, trainer and moderator for start-ups, SMEs and large companies
  • Coaching Curriculum / Equwin GmbH
  • Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioner / Prosci Inc., London
  • Training in the systemic approach of TZI (theme-centered interaction) / Ruth Cohn Institute International
  • Master's degree in Organizational and Social Psychology / LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Facilitator training focusing on group decision-making / Bill Mayon-White, London
  • Study of Political Communication / Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain
  • Study of Communication Science, Social Psychology and Business Administration / Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

Consulting in the following areas:

  • Change management, architecture, communication and monitoring
  • Bottom-up change and innovation processes
  • Viral change
  • Change participation, change agent and multiplier programs
  • Development and operationalization of visions and strategies with the active involvement of employees
  • Agile / next stage / teal organisation
  • Sociocracy (3.0)
  • Personnel and organisational diagnostics
  • Theme- and process-oriented facilitation
  • Team building and development, also intercultural
  • Personnel development (in person, web based and blended learning formats)
  • Training on change, brand identity, sales, soft skills such as communication, feedback, conflict management and self-management

  • German, English and Polish as project and working languages (including facilitation and training)
  • French, Spanish and Portuguese fluent


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